Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Moms band together

…According to Lisa Nicita, Arizona Republic, Sept 15, 2008, some women are forming Momtourages—little support groups of women with kids the same ages to take up the slack for each other.

…For Moms who work, these loose support groups can consist of nice doctor office nurses or teachers in addition to other mothers.

…There are some Momtourage blogs (the term comes, of course, from the HBO show Entourage about a movie star’s group of peers).

…There is power in numbers. They give every member a “date nite,” thus saving on babysitting. They take turns chaperoning hikes and bike rides.

…Sometimes this starts with carpooling, sometimes with a chat with a neighbor.

…See what you need first—rides, days off, think about it.

…Find one Mom who has the same needs. Meet with her. She may know someone else. You may know someone. Someone may approach you.

…These things take off. HA used to have a support system back in DC. Even now, she gets groceries delivered sometimes. Safeway could be in your Momtourage.

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