Monday, November 03, 2008

More to love and love

…LiveScience reports that overweight and obese women have more sex than the skinny-minnies.

…In fact, 92% of the 7,000 women surveyed in 2002 reported a history of hetero relations, compared with 87% of those with “normal” BMI.

…Well, catch up! Orally oriented, something to grab onto, luscious—what’s not to love?

…Otherwise, it’s two coat hangers tangling. That’s how you get more little coat hangers, not how you have a good time.

…The Univ of Hawaii researchers says overweight people need just as much information on STDs and sexual techniques as their thinner counterparts.

…Because of society’s attitudes, though, studies have also shown overweight people are more likely to have problems with image and desire.

…The researchers suggested the women, especially, read trashy romances for 20 minutes three times a week.

…Heyyy, is this a joke? Apparently not. Well, get right on it, scientists.

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