Friday, November 07, 2008

Purification rituals

…Ack, who can afford bottled water anymore? Plus the huggers are all over us for pitching the long-lived bottles everyplace.

…Now, if you make an initial investment, you can tote around clean, pathogen–free water without worry.

…The WSJ lists the Aquamira Water Bottle for $26.95—230 refills per filter. It’s stiff-though—you may need to build up your muscles to squeeze out the water (according to the WSJ).

…The LivPure Filtered water bottle is $12.99 at Target and the K-place. It’s sleek, thin, trendy—and removes half of the yucky-tasting chlorine. Don’t count on it killing cooties, though.

…The Watergeeks laboratory sports bottle (gotta love the name), is $17.99 for street use (tap) and $17.99 for outdoors (streams, ponds, limited). Replace filter every 90 days or 200 uses.

...HA had giardia once and recommends not drinking from streams, by the way (or eating in tiny, cheap restaurants).

…The Katadyn Micro Water Bottle Microfilter is old-school, for mucky water. Again, see foregoing. Hard to squeeze. www, or at REI stores.

…But hey, if you’re gazelling around some mountain, you can get water out of a balky bottle, right? And the stream might be the only thing around.

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