Wednesday, November 26, 2008

T-Day can kill

…Leave it to HA to find the bright side…bright with flames. Thanksgiving Day, according to the Red Cross, is the most dangerous day of the year for house fires.

…HA has experienced a house fire—and you don’t want to!

…Cooking is the culprit on T-Day.

…Some people use open propane flames to deep-fry turkeys. This is really recipe roulette. Check this out:

…Even if you use a closed oven, monitor your kitchen at all times. Never leave things and run to the store or anything.

…Keep potholders and paper wrappers away from burners.

…Wear tight sleeves that don’t flap toward hot surfaces.

…Set timers.

…Keep pan handles turned inward and away from catching on clothes or little toddler fingers.

….After everyone leaves, get someone to check all candles.

…Also…be sure your smoke alarms are working. If cooking makes them go off—don’t disable them. Open a window or fan the alarm.

…If you get a burn, put it under cool water and put on a sterile bandage.

…If someone chokes, remember: “Five and five can keep them alive.” This means five sharp whacks on the back between the shoulder blades, then if that doesn’t work, five upward thrusts from the back.

…Oh, by now even misanthropic HA has had enough gloom—have fun. You’re going to make it through. Be thankful for that.

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