Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ah, smells like Christmas

…Did you know your house has a signature smell? (No kitty litter jokes here, pls.)

…It’s Christmasy to get rid of that aroma.

…Samanatha Critchell, AP, says pine, vanilla, cinnamon, pumpkin pie, and gingerbread smell like the holidays.

…Fragrance is part of decorating. Of course, you can bake cookies—but why bother when there are candles and sprays?

…Try layering scents—it makes you aware of them longer. Use vanilla as a base, one guy says.

…Make those little clove and orange scent thingies—they keep emitting smells.

..Right before guests come, fire off three blasts from the room freshener can. Or you can boil apples on the stove, low heat.

…Scent is the closest sense to memory and emotion—stringing popcorn may associate that scent with the holidays, but younger people may just think, “Hey, time for a movie.”

…Scented items make good gifts if you stick with things you like and give them to people of a similar age.

…HA once gave scented drawer liners ( to someone. If that person had been a youngster, they would have said: “Dude, what’s the 411?” or something.

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