Monday, December 29, 2008

All is not lost if you slip

…HA hates the R-word, resolution. Now, before the New Year even brings these darn things, is the perfect time to recognize you will probably break any you make.

…So, OK, you are a dork. You can’t abstain, refrain, or whatever.

…The experts say this is no reason to throw up your hands (though that would be good exercise) and bag it.

…Just climb back on the wagon and move on, they advise.

…If you are not an exerciser, an expensive health club membership may not be the motivator you think. Just get moving. Walk around the block. Shovel snow.

…Alcoholism is a horrible addiction and it’s so easy to break your will. Don’t let people talk you into “one little one.”

…If you slip up, go to more meetings, call your sponsor. Just take an action.

..If you pig out a few times, start writing down your food for a week or two—get back in synch.

…When you slip during the holidays, it does not mean you are back to Square One. Far from it—you have done the thinking, now make the next moment count to regroup on the actions.

…It is not the end of the world. Not even of YOUR world.

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