Monday, December 08, 2008

Deadly white stuff

…Nah, not THAT.

…According to the govt (ours), 118,000 people were treated in 2007 for injuries sustained while shoveling anow.

…115,000 were hurt blowing snow around with snow blowers.

…Sprains, strains, amputations—all from winter precip.

…Shoveling snow means heavy lifting. Ask the doctor if it’s time to hang up the old shovel and find a teen.

…Dress appropriately—light layers. Mittens, gloves, warm socks.

…Make sure you can see—for blowing wear glasses or safety goggles.

…Warm up your muscles. Then take frequent breaks. You can get dehydrated even in winter.

…Don’t use a shovel that holds too much. Some are specially designed.

…Don’t throw snow to the side…walk where you want it. Lift with your legs.

…When using a snowblower…don’t stick hands or feet in there to clear it—wait until it melts a little.

…Shut it down if you walk away.

…Do not trip over the cord—it can get under snow.

…HA knows this is a toughie—read the manual. Yes, even guys.

…And you’re gonna want to keep up your hot cocoa levels afterward.


Acai Berry said...

well thanks for explaining these simpler terms.

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