Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Deck the halls with deadly poison

…Cincinnati Children’s Hospital poison control center wants you to be afraid, be very afraid. Christmas stuff is poison for little kids. They have smaller systems and cannot handle an exploratory nosh of many Christmas staples. This goes for pets, too.

...Parenthetically—have you noticed that HA does not have a linear mind—HA once had a cat that ate one holly berry and almost died. The vet always called him Mr Holly Berry after that.

…Anyoldhow…First, the hospital warns not to leave half-full alcoholic drinks around. Kids get up early and will get sick if they finish off the dregs.

…Mistletoe can affect the nervous system, blood pressure and heart if you graze on it or let your kids get a hold of it.

...Poinsettias have a huge rep, but probably aren't as harmful as billed--still, don't munch.

…Here we go—holly! There are 400 kinds and some are poisonous. Leaves and berries are both toxic. Buy fake.

…Jerusalem Cherry—HA has not idea what this is, but don’t eat any.

…Cyclamen. This is a houseplant not a salad ingredient.

…Those essential oils—wintergreen, camphor, and so on. These can be very toxic.

…Dry ice. HA used to love dry ice when she was a kid! Well, she is lucky to be alive. It’s carbon dioxide and can burn your mouth if you eat the weird smoky stuff.

…In good conscience, HA must also mention fruitcake. HA loves it. Send her some.

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