Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Donning of the green

…We don’t have money, right, so let’s at least have some weird-ass ideas. That’s HA’s motto, actually.

…Jami Lin of says lose the red and hit the green. Green is the color of love, she says. Wear it, decorate with it—and you will be peaceful and create patience in others.

…Lin says green, green, green—tablecloths, candles (green candles also attract money, HA must in all good conscience add). How about green cookies?

….Green gives nature a good name. Have you ever noticed that?

…Green food is good for you (veggies, not pistachio ice cream and absinthe).

…Give green wreaths as gifts (circles denote longevity).

…Here’s an idea—make your gifts if you are lacking in er…green.

…If you get green around the gills, use some red—it energizes.

..Orange inspires play (and is also the favored color of the insane, HA has heard and is fond of repeating).

…Yellow commands confidence. The other day, HA’s sister said, “I hate yellow.” She sounded pretty confident about it, though.

…Blue clears the mind.

…Violet creates inner peace (men tend to hate it, so no purple ties).

…HA once heard that diamond cutters keep an emerald next to their cutting station and when their eyes get tired from studying a diamond, they look at the emerald to clear their vision.

…She likes to repeat that, too, though she is not sure what it means.

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