Friday, December 05, 2008

Good-bye to $7.50 sodas

…Writing in the Arizona Republic (Dec 4, 2008), Dawn Gilbertson says the hotel minibar is going off the cliff.

…Is nothing sacred?

…Minibars are a siren call to kids (and some old kids, too) who want their own stash of salty and wet snacks, no matter what the cost. It’s like a fantasy fridge.

…Two-year-old Pringles. Who could resist?

…The Hyatt and Sheraton chains are taking minibars out—or not building them in.

…Sales have been lacking and the things cost a lot to restock (another industry bites the biggie). Water was the biggest seller by far.

…People have also noticed they can bring in their own snacks. Many hotels offer a plain old fridge—go shopping! Some guests even haul in a cooler presumably full of healthful fruit and veggies.

…Naturally, some hotels are going the other way, making minibars with more bells and whistles. Half of the finer hotels still have them.

…But some companies want them removed from the rooms so they don’t have to pay for those impulse items.

…The hotels swear they are putting their money into fitness centers. Hmmm. Not sure she is buying that one. At any price.

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