Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hang over (the side)

…”How’s Your Drink?” is a great WSJ column by Eric Felten. On Dec 27, 2008, he ventured into everyone’s favorite subject around New Year’s Eve—hangover cures.

…He starts with a grand story about a 1938 “coming out” party at the Ritz-Carlton with FOUR bars, he said elatedly. One bar was solely for “the cure.”

…The “cure” was chilled Coca-Cola poured into cold milk, a nap, and then you “felt wonderful.”

…Why you got the hangover AT the party was not explained.

…So many people have looked for the grail of how to neutralize alcohol immediately.

…Medicinal “bitter” barks are a favorite.

…A Prairie Oyster is sort of a counter-irritant or distraction—a raw egg yolk with Worcestershire. Bertie Wooster (P.G. Wodehouse) received this elixir from Jeeves and felt like a lighted torch was strolling down his throat, followed by the singing of birds in the treetops.

…Usually, a Prairie Oyster also contained a shot of whiskey. This is called…”the hair of the dog,” based on dog fur being thought (quite wrongly) a cure for rabies.

…One wag even described the recipe: “Take the juice of two quarts of whiskey…” it began.

…Other people described the hair of the dog as putting out a fire with kerosene.

…Still, Jim Morrison recommended a couple of Ramos Gin Fizzes if indisposed.

…Robert Mitchum once gave one of the latter to Frank Sinatra, remarking that it was “mother’s milk.” After that, Sinatra sent Mitchum a card every Mother’s Day.


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