Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Have yourself a merry little IV

…Denice Foose, a chaplain at the Methodist Hospital in Houston, says any time you can bring a holiday ritual to a hospitalized patient, it’s good.

…Even if you can only afford smiles for patients and staff and a visit—it’s something.

…Obviously you can’t lug in a plasma (though the pun is irresistible), but you can do little things.

…If you or the patient is bummed out (holiday blues PLUS!), talk about it, don’t change the subject.

…Remember, if you duck your home life on the holidays to visit the person, they might feel guilty about it—put them at ease.

…Find a holiday special and watch it in the hospital with visitors.

…Maybe the patient can help write out cards.

…Give a gift to the roommate, too.

…Kids in the hospital at Christmas need special little gifts and fun things.

…If you are in the hospital and your family can’t come, chat with volunteers that do come. Don’t spurn them.

…Hospital stays, even if they coincide with a holiday, are temporary. You want to leave alive, so just put up with it and make the most of the good parts that do come your way.

…Maybe the Jell-O will be red and green. Hold the school kids singing, though. Those high register trilling voices, the little Drummer Kid… Someone might have to code you.

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