Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Healthy gifts--like socks, you mean?

…Please don’t tell HA fun is being sucked out of Christmas any more than usual.

…She recently got a press release saying hey, forget the cologne and lingerie, give the gift of health.

….Well, go right ahead and buy your wife a new scale, your teen some acne cream, and your husband a universal gym for “that little pot” and see how happy they are.

…Oh, HA is just being her Grinchy self. If you want to drop your sparse bucks on health, go ahead. The Univ of Michigan has some suggestions--and who doesn’t ask them?

…Gifts that reduce stress and food intake might be just the ticket. Give olive oil and fancy vinegar (OK, not terrible), nuts, and healthy soup mixes. (HA is probably the only person on earth who needs a soup mix, but this doesn’t sound too bad—beats a year’s supply of tofu.)

…Comfy walking shoes, sweat wicking socks. Why, just saying “sweat wicking socks” is festive.

…A pedometer could be good.

…How about setting someone up at www.walking.com to get daily nag…HA means, reminders and tips..about walking? Walkingspree.com and sportbrain.com have yearly memberships if you’re flush.

…A reader, Nancy Paull, suggests desktop yoga. It rings a little bell while you’re working—time to stretch. Check out: http://easydesktopyoga.com/.

…How about waterproof gloves for kids? Or snow boots. (Have these darn kids been at the console so long they don’t own boots? Maybe HA should quit mocking.)

…Dance, Dance Revolution and Apple Wii Fit are games that make kids jump around.

…Or give the kid the satisfaction of knowing you gave their gift to another kid—donate.

…HA donates—and so far, people have been pretty underwhelmed, which just makes her keep it up.

…But you know how she is.

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