Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How to drink

…Ha! You thought HA was going to say, “Drink responsiibly,” didn’t ya? Well, she isn't--Real Simple magazine is.

…They point out the upside of alcohol, which is that goodness of red wine for the heart mantra. It’s the resveratrol, you know. And new studies show you get a therapeutic amount from very little red wine.

….Who wants very little red wine?

…But HA digresses. A little wine can also protect your liver.

…Drinking in moderation can also lower cholesterol, some docs think.

…Also, if you like fruit in your drinks, you are a genius—alcohol bumps uo the antioxidant power of fruit. Fresh raspberry margs, yuh-um!

…Sad face. There is also a downside to drinking (see half the movies ever made). Three or more drinks a day may increase your chances of breast cancer 30%. If you already have a 3% chance, that becomes 4%.

…Alcohol can make your skin look crummy. Stretching the capillaries.

…Drinking can lead to overeating. Those nuts and chips.

…Alcohol can also screw up your sleep patterns.

…And, of course, being unable to stop drinking can deplete your bank account, push your family away, cost you everything, and force you to sleep next to a dumpster or kill someone.

…Drink slowly if you do drink. Drink later in the day. Don’t drink in the hot sun—you will get dehyrated.

…Before drinking eat something with a little fat in it. Stick to light or clear drinks. The darker, the more compounds it contains—hey, what about resveratrol?

….Diet soda makes you absorb the alcohol faster—don’t use it in drinks. It’s kinda silly, anyhow.

…Women process alcohol slower than men, so don’t try to match them one for one.

…HA always was a cheap date.


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