Monday, December 22, 2008

Move in your future?

…The people across the street moved and half their stuff is in HA’s garage to be collected who knows when, but this is, of course, a personal problem.

…Moving is a hugely discommoding health event—up there with death (of someone else) and divorce.

…America has long been known as a Bedouin-like nomadic society, with folks trotting off to soul-less suburbs and leaving friends and family for distant new digs.

…But now we learn that just 13% of the population changed addresses between 2006 and 2007.

…This is the lowest rate since after World War II.

…Six in 10 Americans has moved at least once. Or should that be 4 out of 10 have NOT moved at least once?

…More than a third of us live in our hometowns. Almost 60% of us have never left our home state.

…Yet, this is a little sad, too—a Pew survey showed that of people who lived in two or more places, nearly 40% are not living in their “heart home.”

…What about all these foreclosures? People will be moving whether they like it or not, and HA suspects not.

…At the same time, many people are upsidedown or “underwater,” the new term—and owe more than their houses would sell for. They are trapped, heart home or no.

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