Thursday, December 04, 2008

New inhalers scaring some people

…People get so cranky when someone messes with their air.

…At the end of this month, the inhalers many people need to breathe, exercise or just stay alive will go off the market. No more…

….They use a propellant deemed harmful to the environment so must go.

…The new inhalers put out the same medicine but with differences…

…This has not been widely publicized and the time to find out how to use the new method is not when gasping for breath!

…The new inhalers provide a softer spray, leading people to think they are not getting a sufficient jolt. They are also more expensive and need to be cleaned more frequently.

…It also tastes different.

…A generic version of the old inhaler was $22. The new one is $35 and is brand-name,meaning it could carry a higher copay.

…The new system harks back to a treaty about not harming the ozone layer. That’s good, but you also need to breathe the unharmed air.

…The manufacturers are offering some coupons—ask the doc.

…Also, controlling your asthma with exercise and preventive medicine can minimize use of the expensive canisters.

…Always something, isn’t it?

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