Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Oh, deer!

...Out here in Arizona, elks get hit by cars. But in most states, it’s deer.

…It’s not like whacking into a hapless possum—this is hundreds of pounds of dense flesh that can take out your vehicle—and you!

…According to a story by Kevin Aldridge in the Cincinnati Enquirer, in nine Ohio counties alone, more than 3,500 deer got hit last year.

…These encounters, if one can call them that, racked up $71 million in insurance claims in 1999.

…October, November, and December are the worst months—it’s mating season and deer and elk generally hold newfangled paraphernalia like roads in disdain and follow their ancestral pathways as if civilization had never arrived.

…Actually, according to this story, deer like this new deal called suburbia, feasting on gardens and fruit trees.

…Bull elk weigh 1,200 pounds. Out here, they are being collared with radio transmitters. Special crossing areas are also being prepared—corresponding to where they want to cross anyway.

…This also keeps various herds from staying on one side or another of a highway and inbreeding.

…When you are out at dusk, heads up. Drive at a reasonable speed. Use your high beams. When you see one deer, others may be following behind.

…They don’t care about your horn and will keep coming anyway.

…HA once did a story on this herself and some places put out lion poop from the zoo to spook the deer. This concept actually spooked HA. Other places built over- or underpasses.

…But the animals are coming through and it’s up to us to accommodate them. Animals are like that. Why do you think people call them “wild”?

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