Friday, December 12, 2008

TLC at the office

…Most regrettably, HA has no one to give her a seated massage. The pooch is hopeless, and the cats dig in their claws.

…Writing in the East Valley Tribune, Tony Natale says all the political and economic madness is making everyone very stressed. (One for the Big Book of Duh, but thanks, Tone.)

…Some companies bring in masseuses (masseusae?) to unknot the shoulders of freaky workers.

…Chair massages! Fifteen to 30 mins--$15. Recipients say they have a few minutes of peace and it works wonders. (It also helps with survivor guilt—when others get a pink slip and you beat the reaper.)

…Other companies offer yoga and exercise. Even though wellness programs cost a penny or two, more companies do them during hard times than good times.

…Even if the companies don’t pay for the classes, they let people do it on company time.

…Personally HA prefers vodka, but has no nice executive to buy it for her.

…(Just seeing you were paying attention—of course, HA realizes vodka is not a health drink. More’s the pity.)

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