Monday, January 12, 2009

30 million drivers may not see you in time

…Vision problems are a major reason 30 million older drivers may have to hang up the car keys.

…Johns Hopkins did a survey—Salisbury Eye Evaluation and Driving Study (SEEDS)-- that looked at changes in sight and cognition and general health status (reflexes etc) of more than 1,200 licensed drivers 67-87 in Salisbury MD.

…The results ( showed that after a year, 1.5% had given up driving and 3.4% had restricted their jaunts. The most common indicators of this necessity were slow visual scanning, psychomotor speed, and contrast sensitivity.

…You need all these skills when objects are moving at rapid speeds relative to one another.

…Women were four times likelier than men to stop driving or cut their driving. Depressed people also were more likely to stop—previously, depression was thought to come after.

…The researcher said it was encouraging that people knew they could not see well or whatever and stopped.

…HA thinks it may take more than that—such as a doctor, even at the behest of adult children--giving a push.

…HA knows of a couple where the man once chirped, “She can’t think anymore, so I do the thinking and she does the driving.”

…Give you the warm fuzzies?

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