Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Aw, tune them out

…HA more cringes than charges into action when the January diet marathon starts on websites, TV, on the phone with friends, and so on.

…Between every dieter and the crest of the hill stands some sort of saboteur.

…”Come on, you can have one little piece.”

…”I like a little meat on my women,”

…”You always look great to me, honey.”

…”Are you sick? You are wasting away.”

…”We will see you after lunch—we know you can’t eat Mexican with us.”

…Or the backhanded compliment: ”You are great to try even though 95% of people fail.”

…If your friend or spouse is larger, they may want you to be the same. You might stop loving them, otherwise.

…If you feel you do this to someone else, try to stop. Walk with them at lunch. If you start to say something discouraging, ask why you are saying it.

…Above all: Bring flowers. Never candy!

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