Friday, January 23, 2009

Edible greetings

…HA saw a commercial for fruit bouquets—so cute! (Pictured, one from

…According to Charles Passy (WSJ, Jan 22, 2009), there are many companies that offer thee appealing gifts. (Appeeling, get it?)

…Aw, kwitcher groaning, it’s HA’s blog.

…These bouquets—with carved fruit in place of flowers—are meant to be fun and a little healthy, maybe.

…They also feed 2-4 people.

….Since 1999, an early company, Edible Arrangements, has gone global with 800 retail stores.

….The stalwarts at WSJ compared some offerings. (All are about $100 delivered.)

…All say they use the best fruit—but sometimes the less ripe versions are stronger and more structural. So: Weird green cantaloupe warning.

…Another one was way too elaborate. It was bursting with every munchable imaginable. “Not romantic,” sniffed one reviewer. (Hey, maybe it would be for a huge fruit-o-philiac)

…Others went nuts putting in touches—such as teachery stuff for a teacher, such as a pot made of blackboard material.

…The testers tended to like the chocolate touches, though, such as chocolate coated Franny Smith apple slices.

…Edible Arrangements’ chocolate covered bananas elicited raves.

…If there is no store nearby to send over your arrangement, you can opt for dried fruit.

…Is it HA, or do dried apricots look like little ears?

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