Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ER or no ER?

…Nothing like being broke and even with insurance, facing ginormous copays, to make a parent sweat. Should we take the feverish, tossing, whimpering kid over to the ER or not?

…This is not meant to be binding medical advice! But it does come from a hospital. (By the way, hospitals like to say "ED"--for Emergency Dept--but you know how common HA is, so she says ER.)

…If your child is sick, consider calling the doctor. However, sometimes going to the Emergency Room is best. To wit:

….If your baby is younger than a month and has a fever of 100.4 or higher.

…If the baby is not acting right—isn’t looking at you, feels limp or floppy or has a strange cry.

…Turning blue, difficulty breathing. ER or 911!

….If an older child’s temp does not come down below 101 after taking a fever reducer.

…A seizure.

…Suspected urinary infection has to be treated…Think about this if the child is showing pain when going, has to go all the time, or there is a different odor.

…Dry diapers for 12-24 hours can mean dehydration—this can get out of hand quickly.

…Go by your gut—when you think you need to go, go. Worry about the money later.

…When HA’s kid was young, the pediatrician gave us a little photocopied book of what to do when. Do doctors still do that?

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