Friday, January 16, 2009

Health for lazy people

…If writing out resolutions makes you need a nap, the experts at the Dana-Farber Cancer Center have some tips for even the giantest of couch muffins.

…Mmmmm, muffins.

…HA! Focus!

…OK, first, get walking. Yup, that one has been around. Exercise can also help prevent recurrence of cancer.

…You can also use the stairs, ride a bike, dance, play a team sport, or use a stationary bike when you watch TV (or listen to audio books, HA’s passion). Well, maybe YOU can.

…OK, here’s an easier one. Eat an apple a day. We all want to keep you-know-whos away, right? Apples are loaded with antioxidants. These can reduce risk of breast, mouth, and colorectal cancer.

…Eat pumpkin, carrots and other orange stuff. HA had carrots for lunch—not a huge fan.

…Of course—quit smoking. This causes 80% of bad diseases. You have heard it all.

…The Four D’s for quitting the evil weed: Deep breaths, drink water, do something to distract yourself, and delay reaching for a cig.

…Limit alcohol. Well, for HA, the economy has done that. But postmeno women who drink more than one drink a day are at increased risk of breast cancer.

…Maybe the apple thing…start small…?

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