Monday, January 19, 2009

If you had it to do over

…Neal Templin has a column on the WSJ blog called Cheapskate or something like that. Check it out: It’s in on Mondays.

…It’s sort of funny and sort of serious about helping you save money.

…Templin had a column in the paper (Jan 15, 2009), in which he reminisced about the dumbest things he ever did. (HA does that daily—she has it on a loop.)

…One thing that seems to haunt this guy is when he was carrying a giant bag of dog food and tripped. Quick! Drop the food and break his fall or hold onto the $15 bag and take out his left kneecap?

…Yup—held on.

…In another genius move, he decided to save money by not fronting cash to get the rest of his roof repaired when a wind storm took out half (the insurance company paid for that part). Well, when it came time to sell the house, he had to give a huge credit to the buyers because half the roof was decrepit.

…Another time, he and his Mom went fishing and added some dead fish they found on the dock to their catch, then thought, ewww, those could have gone bad.

…Dock kill? Is it HA or is this guy a little…er, offbeat?

….What’s more—the dog, an eager beagle, took advantage of his lying there in pain, and gobbled as much food from the broken bag as he could.

…That could have been quite a vet bill—financial insult to physical injury. Lucked out on that one. Picking a beagle was smart.

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