Friday, January 09, 2009

Has it been 5 whole mins since we did the "Med"?

…Harvard is out there flogging the way Italians and Greeks eat, and HA used olive oil last night, so it must be time to do the Mediterranean "diet" thing again.

…Not only is this approach delish, Harvard opines, but it’s good for the ticker. HA once attended a conference on olive oil on Majorca and learned that olive oil is also statistically beneficial against breast and other cancers.

…So, first, pile on the veggies. Try for all different colors.

…Eat lots of whole fruit. Add fruit to salads. Make salads whole meals with nuts and diced chicken.

…Go nuts. Finally, permission! Nuts contain antioxidants and a steadying effect on blood sugar.

…Eat whole grains. Grains even have protein, not to mention fiber and vitamins.

…Forty percent of your cals can come from fat—but good fat, like olive oil. Also load up on Omega 3—which means lean fish.

…Eat legumes. OK—beans. (To HA, legume doesn’t sound like a food, more like a car.)

…Toast yourself with red wine.

…And eat slowly—those laid-back Mediterraneans take all afternoon for lunch. Can’t you take half an hour?

…This always sounds so yummy and easy. But HA always wonders where the Ramen Noodles fit in.

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