Thursday, January 29, 2009

More on sweet treats

…Just like people still went to the movies during the other Dep…er, Big Giant Recession, people today still want their candy.

…Hershey, reports the WSJ (Jan 28, 2009), is UP 51%, no bailout needed. Maybe they could name a candy bar Bailout, though.

…The industrialists (do we still have those?) say even on V-Day, the lower end confections will rule.

…Hershey had been duking it out with Mars, which was pushing its “premium” Dove dark chocolates. Hershey did come up with Bliss and helped Starbucks develop some candy.

…Now the “good” stuff is sitting one some grocery shelves and Hershey is sitting pretty.

…A Godiva guy insists they are still happenin’. They sold a lot of $130 assortments at Christmas but also a lot of lower-end candy.

….Lindt (HA’s favorite when she can get it) was up 5.8%, but below projections.

….At Hershey the KitKats and Reese’s are more popular now (despite peanut butter worries).

…Still, their stock is iffy.

…Isn’t everyone’s? Have a KitKat! Isn’t that the takeaway here? Eat candy for tomorrow you shall have no candy?

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