Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Survivors" with spare legs

…Josh Shaffer, McClatchy Newspapers, writes that increasingly people are listing their pets as survivors when they die and get an obit.

…Hey, when newspapers finally expire, where will we get obits—www.BummerDude.com?

…Anyhow, dogs and kitties are now mourners and “grievers” worth noting.

…Sir Rufus was a tuxedo cat and cherished by a woman in Durham, NC. He's mentioned in her obit.

…Some lawyers defend animals that people try to cut out of wills.

…People are too busy to be friends—but animals make time.

…Dogs do get pretty quiet and depressed when their owners die—this could be considered grieving.

…One guy listed a pig as his survivor. Presumably a four-legged one.

…Another put five pets next to hubs and the kids.

…HA can see this…and may do it. Animals are nicer than a lot of people and hardly ever steal or lie.

…Well, raccoons maybe. They can be tricky.


raGing said...

great idea. a friend died about a year ago. she loved her animals. in her obit the family requested donations in her name go to the local Humane Society.

Star Lawrence said...

I gather the papers take the obits this way...I think it's cool.