Friday, January 02, 2009

This year--new cliches, please

…HA is joshing—to be a cliché, something has to be old-old-old. So old. Every year, some smarty-pantses come up with a list of stuff we shouldn’t say.

…This year, “stuff” is one. HA would add: “folks.”

…In the health realm, HA is going to try not to say “health czar,” “national nannies,” “green diet” (different from diet of greens), “organic,” “serving size,” “portion control,” “food stamps” (now a swipe card anyhow), “food police,” “food pyramid” (good grief, there are more of these than Eqypt has little liver pills and some are boxes), “cardio,” “frugalista” (cheapskate is still OK), “staycation” (said it), can you think of some more?

…”Universal health insurance.” Now that is an interesting one. Instead of a program covering everyone, it is morphing into “ordering” everyone to buy insurance—you know, universally. What is wrong with the word "national"? Are Martians getting these plans? Venusians?

…Oh, and don’t say “you know,” a lot.

…Ya know what HA is sayin'?

…”Under the bus” needs to drive off. There must be more than one bus involved by now, anyhow.

…”In harm’s way” and “last full measure” are not only sad, but shopworn.

…Oh, and Sudoku. [Suggested by Rubik.]

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Star Lawrence said...

They are having a big rumble over at the Well Blog at the NYT over the word "veggies," which is only sort of a word, I guess, and drives a stake into the heart of the grammar purists. OK--pet peeve, let's say, although one of them mentioned opening a vein. Also healthy v healthful. I say let's toast with a brain-damaging artifically sweetened beverage and move on.