Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Whoa--the Sprouts have gone too far

…Alert, alert….Thin Mints, Do-Si-Dos, Tagalongs, and Lemon Chalet Crème Girl Scout cookies are going smaller and/or fewer to the box.

…OK, we can’t sell our houses, we may get laid off any minute, unemployment is running out, the pantry is all peanut butter all the time, the TV is about to punk out, but cut back on cookies? What else do we have?

…”We are talking about a couple of fewer cookies,” tut-tutted one spokesman. Well, we care! We notice!

…Flour is up 30%, they whine. Cocoa, 20%. The Sprouts wanted to keep the price at $4.00 a box or so. Hey, even in 2005, that was 25 cents a cookie—now it will be more!

…About all these scheming youngsters have going for them is that these yummies only come out for a short time once a year—people forget!

…Sort of. Some people.

…Anyhow, the Cadbury egg has also gone on a diet.

…Oh, who cares on that? But Tagalongs?

…If you can’t trust a Girl Scout, we are lost.

…And by the way, HA’s sister and mother were sharing a Mounds the other day and those halves looked pretty light on the old scale, shall we say.


raGing said...

I thought Tagalog was a Philipine language. make my own cocoanut date nut oatmeal cookies. they're healthier.
Mounds are delicious. cocoanut & chocolate alone is enough. I remember when my grandma sold those things in her grocery store they were huge. you could get a 10 cent Hershey bar that was divided into six or more sections.

what's going on with the corn syrup issue, Star? it's supposedly got mercury in it. that's in everything including cookies.

Star Lawrence said...

Tagalog is a lang--I think these are coming along afters. I know high fructose corn syrup is in everything--and is an insidous form of sugar that makes you vote wrongly or something. Bad, bad--everyone sez. Hadn't heard the mercury thing. I still like corn on the cob...

Those Mounds bars are skimpy! I am sayin'.

Star Lawrence said...

Hey--the mercury thing:

raGing said...

"The good news is that mercury-free [high fructose corn syrup] ingredients exist. Food companies just need a good push to only use those ingredients."

wth does that mean? food processors must be pushed to use the mercury-free stuff? mercury damages the nervous system!
thanks for the article. corn syrup is canned drinks, juice mixes, bread, ice cream too. don't touch that stuff. I've been making my own yogurt lately because of high sugar content in store bought. didn't know of mercury content till today.

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