Monday, January 26, 2009

Women have harder time refusing "bad" food

…This is one for The Big Book of Duh. But here we go.

…According to HealthDay reporter Randy Dotinger (Jan 20, 2009), a scientist at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in NY did a study to see why some people don’t feel “full” no matter how much they eat (HA has this problem). It’s called satiety. Some people don’t experience it very strongly.

…In the study, which appears in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the team asked 13 women and 10 men about their favorite foods. The list included lasagna, pizza, brownies, ice cream and fried chicken.

….Then they fasted for 20 hours and the favorite dishes, warmed up where appropriate to smell FANTASTIC, were shown to them, although they couldn’t have any.

…While this was happening, they were getting a PET scan of their brains, especially the areas governing “motivation.” Both the men and women tried to make themselves feel less hungry and said they did feel less starving—BUT in the case of the women, the scans showed the same areas firing off anyway.

…The docs said it was probably because women needed not to stop eating because they occasionally would be eating “for two.”

…Still, there is a lot of time when that second little peanut isn’t there—thanks a heap, Nature!

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