Thursday, February 12, 2009

Do you feel lucky? Here comes stevia

…Have you seen the commercial—sprinkle your coffee with something other than guilt?

…The guilt would come from that sugar thing—you know, sugar, ruins your immune system, causes or makes diabetes worse, makes you fat, won’t take out the trash—you know sugar??! The BAD thing.

…Meredith Cohn, Baltimore Sun, Feb 9, 2009, writes about the newest sugar substitute on the block-stevia, marketed as Truvia. It was approved by the FDA in December.

…Stevia comes from a South American plant and has been eaten for decades in Japan, among other places.

…Still, the FDA banned it because they weren’t sure it was safe.

…Then Cargill convinced the feds that they had new tests.

…Just because it’s from a plant doesn’t make it safe—so is belladonna, hemlock, and other poisons.

…Some substitutes, scientists point out, are sweeter, meaning people use less, making them “safer.”

…Like everything else, moderation is key. Would you scarf up some jungle plant like mad?

…HA might eat sugar cane, though—and she uses sugar. Honey is also delish and has been around awhile.


raging said...

won't touch that stuff.
found a place to buy Turbinado sugar cheap - the latin supermarkets. it comes from Columbia. a little raw honey or molasses combined with sweet fresh fruits works for baked stuff.

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