Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Good for you and not yucky, too

…When you think of a heart diet, do you think of low-salt, bland? HA is such a goober, she does.

…February is you-know-what month (HA hates those month things). has ponied up 130,000 recipes that are good for your ticker. Or at least won’t swath it in yellow globules and stuff up the pipes.

…Go to the site and enter “heart healthy.”

…You can even sign up for a free e-newsletter to vary your diet.

…If you just like to cook in general (and HA has heard about this), you can search FoodieView by ingredient, type of cuisine, diet program, and tons of other variables. Recipes are ranked by user popularity, too.

…The site also has a huge restaurant guide, which polls food critics and normal people, too.

…It’s all about food, after all. HA means life…not just this site.

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