Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Help! Emergency? Now what?

…Our government, in all its brilliance, wants us to get “Ready.” That is the name of a new program…well, new-old, HA has written about having an emergency plan before.

…You are urged to get a kit, make a plan, and be informed.

…Go to http://www.ready.gov/index.html.

…For instance, in the case of an emergency (earthquake, pandemic, attack and so on), who picks up the kids? Is your kids’ school prepared?

…This site also tells you which disasters are most likely to hit which parts of the country. What if you are in a high rise? A car?

…Several people have died of bird flu around the world lately. That is still around.

…Anything can happen.

…The cave-in of the economy was hardly predicted. No plan for that on this site, though.

...We can't even run for the exits.

...HA is chipper today, isn't she? Still, she believes in believing in the worst.

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