Thursday, February 05, 2009

Job hunting depression-style

…Nick Wingfield and Pui-Wing Tam, writing in the WSJ, Feb 3, 2009, say being unemployed in the electronic age is different than in past depr…uh, recessions.

…The great dispossessed sit around in their jammies and play internet games instead of going to the movies as people did in simpler downturns.

…”It’s not soap operas and chocolate,” said one. It’s cheaper.

…Social anesthesia. Escape for those “steeped in anxiety.”

…Online gambling and games—up, up, up.

…Gossip Perez Hilton is swamped with hits. Escape, escape!

…Social sites are also enjoying a lot of traffic.

…People twitter their tiny little elevator pitches.

…People also do blogs about being unemployed—and of course, people who might hire them can read those. Capitalize that MIGHT.

…As a freelancer, HA looks for a job every day of her life. Take it from her—you can’t just post your res on Monster and wait for the offers to cascade in.

…Put a little hustle in it.

…But just in case, keep up your health, say with a certain site.

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Angie Dixon said...

Hi, Star. Just ran across this while doing a search for interesting blogs/sites on job hunting.

Great advice here. I especially like your comment about Monster and putting a little hustle in it.

Am enjoying your blog and intend to return. Found it by accident, will come back on purpose.