Friday, February 13, 2009

Tracking grandma

…HA’s mother can’t remember a lick, but is fully mobile. At one facility, she did get out a locked front door. Should we LoJack her?

…Writing in the WSJ, Feb 10, 2009, Philip Shishkin talks about “search-and-rescue” technology.

…Seriously, LoJack has come up with a radio-based locator for people.

…Some 18,000 people are using a wristband system by a competitor.

…That leaves 5.2 million people with Alzheimer’s and a raft of autistic kids as a possible market.

…The newspapers do occasionally run a story of a kid or old person lost or dying of the cold.

…One sheriff in Illinois even raised money over 5 years to get the equipment for 11 people in his community.

…He says he did it to save time—each search took 10-12 hours.

…Each company says its product is better—no interference from wild animals also wearing a device, one bragged. No interference from TV channels, said another.

…Wild animals near a runaway old person? Hmmmm, this might be worth a gander.

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