Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What if your doctor...

…What if your doctor knew who you were, knew the specialists he or she referred you to, asked what the specialists said or coordinated care with them after you went---HA knows this sounds wildly unlikely to many readers (including her), but what if…

…UnitedHealth Group tried to test such a model in Florida—where your primary doctor was your medical home base—but the doctors said no. They hated United, so no go.

…Now, according to the NYT, in a story by Reed Abelson (Feb 7, 2009), IBM is pushing a new test in Arizona.

…Doctors will get more authority and more money for doing things with no codes, such as following patients who go to specialists, have chronic conditions, or even go to the hospital.

…The idea seems to be that by taking care of the person, extra services can be avoided.

…IBM was not happy with the care their employees were getting—care which went up in price every year.

…The idea is to reward effective care, not just the procedures done.

…Besides the usual payments docs will get a yearly management fee. Details are secret, but this could up the take in a practice by 30%.

…Of course, there are bugs in it—to be worked out by project’s end in 2011. No---not that kind of bugs. Those are the ones they are trying to prevent or cure.


Theresa de Valence said...

Interesting blog. I came over from DL.

Star Lawrence said...

Welcome! Come back--I post every weekday.