Monday, February 02, 2009

You look mah-velous

….SpaFinder is riffing about the coming beauty hits.

…We will be broke so we will buy things that serve more than one purpose. Cleanser/toner/scrub mask in one, that sort of thing. (HA uses Maybelline—
blipstick instead of blush--blends in well.)

….Paradoxically, more hotshot facialists will be branding products. Recession, what recession?

…Products will be infused with gold, silver, platinum and gems. The healing energy and all that. (HA is smiling.)

…Antioxidants will be crammed into everything to foil those bad old free radicals.

…Sunscreen is in a cat fight and new studies may emerge. Is it bad for you? Sssssh, stay tuned.

…Laurel sulfate, some goo that makes shampoos suds up, is getting the hairy eyeball, so sudsless shamps may be coming.

…The green stuff, so-called organic products, will also be debated. What’s up with that?

…Hammans are in. This is a Moorish-Mediterranean steam bath…complete with argan oil, myrrh, and black soap. Maybe in YOUR neighborhood.

…Science—meaning studies—will rule when it comes to new products, such as Latisse, approved by the FDA for eyelash growing and a botox competitor called Reloxin.

…And, as ever (from HA, not SpaFinder), hope will trump reality. But it has ever been thus.

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