Friday, February 19, 2010

Can't afford your meds?

I don’t want anyone off his or her meds!

Most people who know me know I am not big on taking a bunch of stuff, but if you need to, you need to.

Wal-Mart has helped a lot with its $4 formulary—and other places have followed suit. So that is good.

You can also check the websites of the individual medicines for coupons. I do this for my dry eye goop.

Ask at your local grocery store pharmacy--ask is this the cheapest I can get? My store had a program people had to ASK for, they could not tell us. Much cheaper!

A website called may also be able to help. Someone who tried to sign up told me a screen came up about its Security Certificate—if you get that, email them.

This nonprofit also advocates what it calls Health Plan-Owned Life Insurance. A person’s death benefits would be used to offset what the insurance company paid out—thus lowering premiums.

I would have to think about that one. One company pays another when you die?

Back to the meds—the next time you go to the doctor, see if you are taking anything you no longer need to take.

Also ask if an older, cheaper drug off patent might not be just as good.

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