Friday, February 12, 2010

Good fun, good exercise, thanks, Fred

Fred Morrison died at age 90. He invented the flying disk, which he at first called The Whirloway, then The Pluto Platter. (See why companies need product namers, like moi?)

He sold the idea to Wham-O Manufacturing in 1957. They dubbed it the Frisbee, and the toy started on its way to becoming a legend, creating healthy exercise, laughter, and skinnier dogs all along the way.

Richard Burton was a fan, Julie Christie, too. Frisbee Golf arose (we have a course about 3 blocks from here—the disks go into baskets).

Morrison used to sail cake pans on the beach in California. Then he left fo Europe—World War ii, you know. He was, of course, a pilot in the Army Air Corps.

He even wrote his memoirs—Flat Flip Flies Straight—which is also how to throw the thing.

He took the disks to fairs—everyone was amazed.

Then he sold to Wham-O. He said he thought the name was stupid. He also invented a battery-powered tomahawk, which not surprisingly, never took off.

Hats off to you, Mr Morrison. Many hours of pleasure.

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