Thursday, February 18, 2010

Healthy dinner a goal

My Dad worked hard and only ate with the rest of us two nights a week. Thurs and Sunday. I remember dreading those meals—it was when all our wrong doing would be hauled out and discussed. Ick!

We are still not talking Norman Rockwell at my house (he turned out to be an exacting dad, too, I heard). Now, my kid and I are on different schedules—I know this sounds weird, but I eat dinner at about 2 PM. She eats at 10 PM.

Still, Karina Bland (AZ Republic, Nov 5, 2009, says of all the things families can do to stay close and prevent drug use and so on, eating a family dinner is the easiest and best.

Studies show that eating dinner together as a family is linked to less drug use, including alcohol abuse. Eating disorders are less common in families that eat dinner.

Yet—the family dinner is vanishing, and along with it, the bonding conversations and the common ground—everyone knowing what is going on.

Of course, this presupposes Mom and Dad can get home from work at a reasonable hour, or if laid off, are in a decent humor to chitchat over the day’s events.

Ironically, in these crazy times, dinner is more of an oasis than ever. Whose turn is it to set the table?

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