Monday, February 22, 2010

Natural cleaners--important to you?

I am not a screaming greenie. I don’t even recycle—I heard it costs the city more to separate it and they were mean to me a decade ago, putting bossy little scoldies on my recycling bin—don’t put in this, don’t give us that, oh sit on a tack!

But I can see that cleaning products could be caustic or have bad chemicals in them. When I first heard that soap was fat and lye, I was horrified. Do they use lye anymore? Don’t know.

Anyway, so many companies started saying their products were “natural,” that the Natural Products Association had to take a look and certify only certain ones.

Natural means derived from renewable resources—plants or animals. We can’t renew the dinosaurs to get more oil.

Natural and organic are different, get that straight right away.

To get the seal of approval, 95% of the ingredients in a home care product must be derived from natural sources. Non-natural ingredients can only be used when natural ones are not available.

This is already the standard for personal care stuff like lip balms. That seal is pictured.

Of course, the Sierra Club says this is meaningless. Always something, isn’t it?

Seventy-three percent of Americans polled said they would rather buy a product certified as “natural.”

Unnatural gets a bad rap, doesn’t it—mutant, wrong, perverted, even evil.

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