Friday, February 26, 2010

You flunk fridge!

Don’t you know how hard the refrigerator people are working to help you? They invented a shelf with so many indentations it can soak up a can of soda or at least keep it from sloshing over the side.

Anali Athavaley wrote about this in the Feb 24, 2010, WSJ.

We are bad at cleaning the fridge out, let’s face it. The average person does it once a year. I can’t even remember when, though I did wash all those weird-shaped dividers and stuff at least once. You can put them in the dishwasher.

One approach has been to put in more lights—as many as 10. I guess if you can see the mess better, you will get going.

First to save money and keep from eating spoiled food, you should organize how to jam things in.

Don’t put meat and soda into crispers! Are you nuts? Wrong temp!

Don’t put milk in the door shelves. Ditto. Too warm.

No one “gets” that cheese cubby. We put the butter in and close the trap door.

Sub-Zero created a video explaining all this.

Do not pack everything in tightly—air needs to circulate.

Clean one shelf at a time so you don’t burn out.

Be esp careful of raw meat goo—can be toxic.

Some manufacturers are putting in positive and negative ion doohickeys to kill bacteria. I am not sure I want some big war going on in there.

I do see through the empty bins that there is some…substance…on the bottom. Oh, why did I ever read this? By the way, if the door is the hottest part—why do my eggs freeze in there and no place else?

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