Wednesday, February 03, 2010

'Zup in cheap exercise?

The American Council on Exercise comes out with its trends every year, so here goes.

Basically, they say, people are busy and broke.

Cheaper health clubs will gain members.

Group training will be the rage. Zumba—a Latin-type dance workout will be popular.

Workouts will be short and intense—Boot Camps and the like.

Exergaming will be in (video games with movement) and will be offered at health clubs.

The Boomers will get their own routines.

Companies and friends will be emphasizing wellness more.

You may even get a program through your phone or be nagged by a gadget called a Fitbit.

What the patoot is that? Gizmo that you wear all day and night and it tracks your movements and sleep and everything. Then gives you a report.

Nah, not for me. I wonder if it can “see” eyerolls.

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