Friday, March 05, 2010

Finding love--even if you have a disease or disability

Do they have an online dating thing for old, crabby, negative people with one eye?

No? Well, drat!

Michael Slenske,, writes about specialized dating sites for people with herpes or other “differences” that might freak out people on or eHarmony. (To me, the married people cruising, guys who wanted women 20 years younger, and everyone who specified “fit and thin” were more of a turnoff, but we all know I am weird.)

One woman said he wanted to hook up with people with her same diagnosis to avoid awkward conversations. Well, I guess it would do that., and are three sites for special situations. is another. Supposedly 1000 marriages have come out of that last one.

No Longer Lonely caters to those with mental illnesses, which can be particularly stigmatized on more conventional sites.

People with mental illnesses often wonder if two such sufferers in one house will work well—but at least with these services, they can find each other to discuss this.

Now, if I could just find that one where middle-aged men like middle-aged women who at least have heard of The Beatles and Vietnam.

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