Thursday, March 18, 2010

New look at flea and tick products

Do you have 4-leggers around someplace? We have two cats and a pretty self-satisfied dog.

A few years ago, we had a terrible tick infestation—they get into the walls and crawl out at night. Did you know that? Yeah—me, either.

The vet prescribed Revolution, which you put on the skin and it soaks in making the whole animal into tick poison. Whole animal…into poison…does that sound iffy? I thought it did.

When we finally got rid of the ticks (by two expensive pest control company sprayings), I ran into a bureaucratic impasse trying to get the vet to approve a mail-order prescription, so the Revolution lapsed.

Always something, isn’t it?

Now, our EPA admits that thousands of dogs and cats may be dying from these products. Complaints are up 53%.

They say it’s the labels—people use too much. Seems that permethrin, made from marigolds (always sounds nice, doesn’t it?), can cause seizures, vomiting, and death, especially in cats.

Manufacturers need to get more specific about doses and pet body weight and the like. Dog and cat products also must have totally different names.

Nothing has been recalled. Oh—and there are cheapie counterfeits out there now, too.

Whole body turned into poison…I still don’t like the sound of that. Kind of like poisoning your pet.

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