Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ouch--take care with those mani-pedi's

Would you let a person who is not medically qualified jab at your feet with sharp tools?

Of course!

For many women manicures and pedicures are part of their beauty ritual—even in these rocky times.

Oliver Zong is NY cosmetic podiatrist (ever heard of that before?).

He says be cautious in selecting a salon.

The Centers for Disease Control has been investigating some bug people get from foot whirlpools since the year 2000.

As workers how the salon is maintained. See if the baths are disinfected with each customer.

The disinfectant must have 10 minutes to work in the baths.

Check your feet and legs for infection before going. Don’t get a manicure or pedicure if you are dinged up.

Don’t wax or shave for one day before going.

Don’t go if you have bug bites, scabs, poison ivy or any opening in the skin.

I know—I take all the fun out of everything. You are not the first person to say this.

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