Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Run, run, run

Actually, my dad was a runner—long before the term jogging was even invented. He died fairly young and after a stroke that immobilized him for 10 yrs.

My sister ran—just had her second hip replaced.

My brothers, too—one with a hip and a second one coming up. The other needs knee surgery.

Yes, we need to move around. I get stiff sitting. A knee I had operated as a kid has come back to nail me.

As the “fat one” in our family, I ran for a year. Did not see the attraction. Then I walked an hour a day for many years—no distance, just an hour. I didn’t lose weight, but I guess it didn’t hurt me.

Now, as we creak along, the big push is move, run, Pilates, spin, move, move.

If you are fit at 50, supposedly you are twice as likely to live to 85. They, of course, did a big study that showed this. It’s even more important to be “fit” than quitting smoking in terms of long life.

You need to sweat, double your heartbeat.

Still, we tend to do less every year after year 30.

Regular exercise had been shown to lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol and may prevent some cancers.

I sometimes joke that we only get so many heartbeats and I am not using them up running on a treadmill.

I was willing to use a few walking in the National Zoo before opening time, but I no longer have that option. Trudging through the AZ desert at 115 degrees…well, it does not attract me.

I like swimming—no pool.

I am doomed. Oh, well… Maybe I won’t outlive my brain. Oh, that’s right, exercise helps you not outlive your brain, too.

They say, anyway.

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