Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cheer up, Dads doing double duty is healthy

Our newspaper had about 100 stories about Father’s Day last year and now it's almost upon us again. Man, did they like Father’s Day.

However, Rick Montgomery, McClatchy Newspapers, is worried that working women will soon outnumber men.

It’s this darn recession. One guy was home with the new baby and bleating about being emasculated.

More than 4.2 million men have lost jobs nationwide since 2007. Keep this up and women will outpace men in the workplace—but not, of course, in salary, which is another reason we are all altered economically forever.

They even have a name for it—"man-cession."

Yes, some are glad to have more time with the kiddies, but it’s hard to have quality time when you are glugging underwater.

Only 30% of men said they would leave their jobs if their wives could pay the freight. This used to be almost half.

More men may want to transition into teaching and health care—meaning more education. Who is paying for that? Mom.

Some dads are becoming coaches to meet more dads and network.

Am I too snarky? Maybe I am. I always see dads getting bouquets for doing what moms do everyday. And a lot of Dads don’t do windows.

Around here, they don’t even do yardwork anymore.

We are supposed to feel bad because women will outnumber men in the workplace—hello, doing work as always, people!


Terry Matthews said...

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Star Lawrence said...

Hmmm...how to make money writing in this crummy mess of an economy...which coincided with twits trying to spend only $3 instead of $300 a story for professional work. Yes-- I think of this a LOT! I am continuing the cold calling of ad and design firms, even the newspaper ads, not caving into stupid Craigs exploitive "offers." I turn down bad stuff...even though I cry after. If writers don't value themselves, all is lost. So many people shill for this stuff and take it. I am a writer...a reporter...I am not buying software to insert key words into some dashed-off stuff for some third worlder. (I save the dashed off stuff for my blogs, LOL.) Sound mean? Well, you asked... If you are not a writer (I've been at this 28 yrs), you probably have scary peeves about your industry too, readers. This is our world.

7:29 AM