Thursday, April 01, 2010

Fretting over your pregnancy can stress the kid

Sue Shellenbarger, WSJ, Apr 1, 2010, says all pregnant mothers are told to “relax.”

But it isn’t the stress over traffic or work deadlines that causes low birth weight or maternal high blood pressure.

Pregnant-specific anxiety may be worse for you. But could sensing something is wrong with the baby actually cause the stress instead of the other way around?

So now—stop obsessing about obsessing. Isn’t that like trying not to think of an elephant?

Some docs send the preggos to groups to talk about their problems. They do the weight and BP checks individually, then let the mothers have at it. This approach is called by the name Centering Pregnancy.

Personally, I had a terrible experience at eight weeks’ gestation—I was a crime survivor. My daughter came shining through, though.

Maybe you can worry about worrying too much. I know I can.

Piece of cake for me.

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