Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Is your little darling a "tomboy"?

A study done in Avon, England, a few years ago and published in Child Development, showed that female behavior at age three-and-a-half correlated to the levels of testosterone mothers had in their bloodstream during pregnancy.

Yes, that is the male hormone—both sexes have some of each.

In both rats and rhesus monkeys, female animals treated with testosterone during critical periods of prenatal life showed increased evidence of “male play” during early childhood.

Of course, “boy” play could also be linked to sibling behavior, the presence of a male in the home, and whether parents treat kids as little boys (trucks) and little girls (dolls).

Of course, being breezy, self-confident and active can be good—in a male or a female.

Maybe the falling out of trees thing will be less inviting to a parent, though.

Too late—it's fated.

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